Advertising and sponsorships

While University Relations handles university-level advertising and external sponsorships, individual VCU units may also use advertising and sponsorships to promote their needs. To ensure we adhere to VCU's overall brand, all ads and sponsorships requests must be reviewed and approved by University Relations.

If you have a address, please email advertising or sponsorship requests directly to . If you have a email, proceed with one of the requests below.

For all other branding and identity requests, please email or call (804) 827-0904.

Social media

If you manage a VCU-owned social media account or want to start one, complete our approval form to register or update your accounts. Make sure to review the VCU Social Media Guidelines to ensure proper portrayal, promotion and protection of the institution. These guidelines apply to all VCU-owned social media accounts and the administrators who engage in social media usage as part of their assigned VCU responsibilities.

We also invite you to join our VCU Social Media Administrators Group, which meets monthly to explore social media best practices and key issues. Please email us at to be notified of upcoming meetings.